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Bay and Bow Windows

Your house should stand as an expression of you inner self. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to choose a window design that is as unique as you are. Advances in the design of Vinyl windows allow the consumer to assemble combinations in order to create the perfect look.

If you are attempting to make a definite aesthetic statement, you cannot go wrong with bay and bow windows. Both of these styles of Vinyl windows can provide a dynamic visual impact to your residential fašade. There are some designers who consider the terms bay and bow windows interchangeable but they are not. Granted both designs provide a large viewing plane that permits maximum natural light illumination, and each style is fashioned from a unity of individual aspects. Still they do differ on a few major points.

A bay window is actually formed by three complete and individual Vinyl windows that are joined together to create the complete window unit. The panels are typically set at an angle so the unit projects from the wall. The centre pane is fixed while the adjoining frames are home to fixed frame or vented windows. A bow window usually has at least four casement Vinyl windows that are arranged so that they form a curve. Casement windows open on a hinge, often with a crank, whereas fixed framed windows do not open at all and vented windows do not necessarily have to be casement windows but they do have to open enough to allow ventilation.

Whichever of these Vinyl windows you choose, bay and bow windows add a distinctive flair to the interior and exterior of your residence. The height and breadth of bay and bow windows in the contemporary design agenda affords the purchaser and designer with the greatest amount of flexibility. The size of these styles of Vinyl windows lends itself handily to both dramatic and classic window dressings. Bay and bow windows will not overpower the clean lines of an airy set of sheers or buckle under the weight of panels of genuine hardwood blinds. The measurement of these windows ensures that they will provide a strong focal point in any room. Even with only a rudimentary knowledge of design and composition, anyone can incorporate the classical yet contemporary lines of the bay and bow windows style into their overall decorative theme.

Bay and bow windows can be appreciated from the exterior of the house as well as the interior. The same principals that make these Vinyl windows a focal point in your living room, bedroom or dining room also work outside. As a backdrop for simple or complex scenic arrangements, bay and bow windows provide a unique and aesthetically pleasing compositional aspect. The broad expanse of Vinyl windows act as a mirror to reflect the different facets that have come together and formed the make up of your landscaping composition.

Bay and bow windows offer the opportunity to make a strong statement that goes a long way to defining your aesthetic personality. These two styles of Vinyl windows also offer the opportunity to combine those aesthetics with a practical application of household climate management by letting in air and light. Not only do bay and bow windows look great they provide a host of positive functions as well.